‘Dear stress, let’s break up’


I saw this on Instagram this morning and it greatly amused me. I didn’t post a motivational Monday yesterday because frankly uni is ruling my life right now. This little snap summarises how I currently feel and I’ll get back to you all once this bitch of an essay is complete and I’ve wrestled the reins of life back from uni. For now, it’s back to coffee and Charles I…


Chalkboard Monday

This week, I really wanted to use this quote, but it definitely wouldn’t fit on my chalkboard, especially after the struggle I had fitting last week’s quote on. Given how busy uni has become over the last fortnight (and will remain so until the end of April), I thought this quote was particularly fitting.

I can’t remember where exactly I screenshotted this picture from – either Facebook or Instagram – so I take no credit for this photo, but I’m going to keep my eyes open for it online etc as I think it’ll look fab either in my room or hopefully in a classroom! As an avid bookworm, I wholeheartedly believe in this quote.

Chalkboard Monday

Apologies, yet another rather late post! Same excuse as before I’m afraid – I’ve been busy with work for most of the day (although I did manage to squeeze in lunch and a film with the history girls). Anyway, here’s the chalkboard for this week. I particularly like the emphasis on inner beauty and being true to yourself. Just ignore my terrible handwriting (the chalk no longer has an obvious point to write with) and my schoolgirl error of misjudging the amount of space available on the chalkboard. I know this usually happens, but this week it looks particularly untidy!