The highs of 2014 & wishes for 2015


Where did 2014 go? I swear one moment I was eye deep in dissertation research and next thing I know I’m half way through my next course and haven’t blogged for nearly three months! The shame! This post is just going to be a round up of some of my 2014 highlights, including those I haven’t blogged about and my Tone It Up #LoveYourBody aims. I use to use TIU when I was at uni to get some variety into my fitness routines but as will everything else since moving home and starting my PGCE, it’s slipped down the priority ladder… but 2015 will hopefully settle back into the old uni me!

A few highlights from 2014 (in no particular order):
* Running 10k
* Researching and writing my dissertation … and enjoying it!
* Graduating from Liverpool Hope with a 1st class honours
* Making and keeping some life long friends from Hope and Shotton
* Liverpool jaunts to catch up with said uni friends
* Surviving (and enjoying) my first term and placement on my teaching course
* Surprising my cousin with the rest of the family by turning up for an 80s themed party for her in Ireland
* Completing my Guiding holiday license after a little confusion
* Queen’s Guide adventure in London doing the monopoly board
* Spending quality time with my family and friends

And here’s my #LoveYourBody aims which I hope to complete by Valentine’s Day!


I’m going to apologise now for the potential dodgy editing of this post – I’m typing it from my mini and I’m not sure how it will turn out… but at least I’ve broken my unintentional silence!

I hope you have all had a fantastic 2014 and that 2015 is as kind or better to you!


Onwards and upwards!

Jumping on the bandwagon once again but why not it’s the last day of 2013. I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone! Only seven months left until I hopefully graduate and that seems ridiculous. And a little bit frightful so lets not dwindle on those kind of thoughts. Instead I always find this time of year rather reflective – the merriment of Christmas followed by the dawning of a new year. I’m not one for ‘New Year, New Me’ because frankly that occurred half way through January 2012. Instead I try to improve little details as and when I feel like they’re needed. So here’s what I’d like to achieve in 2014:

  1. Be less wasteful – this covers a few things really. I’d like to saving up a lot more seeing as I’ve applied for postgraduate degrees and I would eventually like to own my own house. This means I will have to stick to my budget, but I’m hoping that this will in turn inspire new recipes etc which I can share on here.
  2. Be thankful – kind words can brighten everyone’s day and that is always a good thing.
  3. Knuckle down – I’m halfway through my final year at uni so I hope to continue my hard work and hopefully my efforts will be rewarded.
  4. Take a little me-time every day – when deadlines are looming and the stress just never seems to stop, I know that I need to take a couple of minutes out and do something purely because I enjoy it. Be it reading a chapter of a novel, going to the gym, or having a bit of a pamper, these little pauses will ultimately make me feel a whole lot more refreshed and positive.

That’s just a brief thought of what I’d like to achieve this year. Obviously I do have bigger goals that I’m constantly working towards, but I think New Year Resolutions should be little hearted and not to difficult to attempt, otherwise you’ll just feel dreadful for ‘failing’ and that’s not a good way to start the year!

I hope that 2013 treated you well, and that 2014 will be even kinder. I’d also like to thank everyone who has read, liked, commented and followed this blog. I still can’t believe the feedback I’ve had since I started this blog in February. I’m going to continue over the holiday mainly with reviews seeing as my daily activities will consist of dissertation research and dog-training, with the occasional family and friend outing.

All the best and let’s enjoy 2014!