Flapjacks and surprises

I know it’s been a long time since I last did a Graze review, I’m going to combine the two boxes into one post again. Frankly I’d been saving some of the punnets to have as a special treat and then third year seemed to just sneak up. Even though I feel like I’ve severely neglected my dissertation research! That’s going to change once I get over this horrendous cold that has also snuck up on me. I’ve got a horrid barky cough and now my nose has decided it wants to bug me. By the time it gets to eight at night I’m exhausted. Thankfully I’ve managed to get plenty of sleep each night, but I’m taking today out to try to fully recoup. I’ve got a busy week ahead of me before I go home for the weekend and I want this cold gone.

This box arrived before I returned to uni, so I saved it until then because frankly I didn’t really need the snacks while I was home. I was very happy with what turned up because I’d already sampled the seeds and popcorn (but before I began reviewing them) and the other punnets looked to be just as tasty.

Cherry Fudge Sundae – moved from ‘try’ to ‘love’. Graze description: chocolate fudge, blanched almonds, cherry infused raisins and cherries. Fudge and cherries. There was never going to truly be an issue with this punnet, unless the almonds tasted funny. They didn’t, so this punnet was an instant win. The cherries were lovely and tart, balanced out rather nicely by the fudge pieces and the slightly salted almonds. The raisins didn’t taste overtly cherry-like, but they were decent enough. I personally still don’t understand Graze’s love for infusing raisins with different flavours.

Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack – I can’t remember if I’ve already sampled these but they’re a firm ‘love’. Graze description: rustic rolled oat flapjack with apple and cinnamon. Part of me feels like I’ve had these flapjacks before, but I’m not complaining. I adore flapjacks and I will, before I graduate, make my own. These were pleasantly chewy, and the cinnamon wasn’t overpowering. I’d definitely try to make my own version of this punnet as the flavours were wonderful.

Natural Vanilla Seeds – a non-mover at ‘love’. Graze description: vanilla sunflower seeds and vanilla pumpkin seeds. I’m pleased I’d already sampled this punnet because when I had it as a snack at work, it got knocked and half the punnet ended up on the floor. The other half had fortunately been eaten. I was rather disappointed that my clumsiness had resulted in the loss, because it was really yummy. The seeds have a slightly candied feel about them, meaning that they are a little sticky. Possibly the worst punnet to knock over really. I look forward to getting them again and finishing the whole punnet!

Lightly Salted Popcorn – moved from ‘like’ to ‘love’. I love when I get some popping corn in my box! The amount of popcorn it yields is huge! It’s super quick in the microwave and tastes amazing. I had this last week with a glass of wine and it was a lovely treat. This was the punnet item that I had saved and I had it after a long and tiring day. It perked my evening up and put a smile on my face. More so because it was an incredibly healthy snack. It was the perfect savory snack and the salt was barely there, but enough to add flavour.

And now for the second box. I wasn’t quite quick enough to untick ‘Cherry Fudge Sundae’ as a ‘send soon’ so I received it again in the next delivery. I wasn’t complaining, but I was surprised that it turned up that quickly. I’ve also sampled the ‘Black Pepper Pistachios’ which you can read about through the link. This box didn’t last as long as the previous one, I’d finished it within a few days!

Applewood Smoked Beef Jerky – moved from ‘try’ to ‘love’. Graze description: British beef jerky and smoky tomato relish. I was a little apprehensive about this punnet, which I had initially binned when I first joined Graze. I reminded myself that the whole point of getting Graze was to try new things so moved it to ‘try’ with ‘send soon’. I absolutely loved it and have opted to keep it on ‘send soon’, hoping that it will come next week like the Sundae punnet unintentionally did. It tasted just like a Pepperami stick, only healthier and the relish was delicious.

Jaffa Cake Flapjack – moved from ‘try’ to ‘love’. Graze description: rustic rolled oat flapjack with chocolate and orange. Personally this tasted just like the ones I got in a GoodyBox. That review can be found here.


Jaffa and spice

Just before I returned home for Christmas break, I received my Graze delivery. It was predominantly spicy and all contained some form of nut, which I actually really liked. One punnet I’d already sampled – Jaffa Cake – but that appears to have been before I started this feature on the blog, so it’s featured here just to be sure.

Spicy Corn Taco – moved from ‘try’ to ‘love’. Graze description: spicy chilli peanuts, edamame beans and roasted corn. Remember how I said I wasn’t one hundred percent certain on peanuts? Well this selection of punnets confirmed that as I’ve loved both sets of spicy chilli peanuts. I’m also getting use to corn, which is useful seeing as they’ve featured strongly in the past few deliveries. Edamame beans are also becoming a firm favourite – they have an unusual texture, as they aren’t as brittle as the corn, but they don’t feel as firm as peanuts. Regardless, I think they taste really nice and add a bit of balance between the corn and peanuts.

Texan Corn Salsa – moved from ‘try’ to ‘love’. Graze description: corn chips, salsa almonds and roasted corn. The almonds really made this punnet. I loved the flavouring of them and as a nut they weren’t too strong, which was rather pleasant. The corn chips were a bit dry, but tasty nonetheless, and the roasted corn was the same as the other roasted corn I’ve sampled – a rather mild flavour, but enough to balance the almonds and chips.

El Picante – moved from ‘try’ to ‘love’. Graze description: jumbo salted corn, spicy chilli peanuts and mini paprika breadsticks. A different flavour on the breadsticks, and they were just as delicious as previous samples. The peanuts were the same as the ones in Spicy Corn Taco and they went really well with the breadsticks. The jumbo corn was a little too salty for me, but it was alright in with the rest of the punnet. I still really enjoyed this punnet though.

[inspired by] Jaffa Cake – stayed at ‘love’. Graze description: roasted hazels, orange infused raisins and dark chocolate buttons. I ate the hazelnuts first because they were my least favourite bit. I’m not that keen on the taste of hazelnuts, but when eaten with a raisin, especially an orange infused one, they taste alright. The chocolate buttons were the best bits of this mix. I really appreciated this punnet when I had them as my train snack!

A double whammy of grazing

I’m back! This past fortnight has been manic but I’m going to be making up for my absence with plenty of posts that I’ve been desperate to write, but haven’t had the time to type them up. I’m going to start with Graze as I’m two deliveries behind and the next box has just arrived today.

The first box to get reviewed arrived the week before Berlin (which seems like an age now). I was a bit apprehensive about the yaki soba, given how much I disliked the last Japanese flavour combo, but that’s the fun of Graze – trying new things!

Sour Cream and Garlic Crostini – moved from ‘try’ to ‘love’. Graze description: garlic crostini and sour cream and onion cashews. I put this into my cheese mug shot to liven up my lunch as it was essentially croutons and cashew nuts. I ate the cashews first and then tipped it in. The only flavour coming through really was the garlic, but then I think I was expecting something artificially overpowering (but still delicious) like Pringles. Regardless I would definitely enjoy this box again.

Cracking Black Peppercorn – moved from ‘try’ to ‘love’. Graze description: black pepper rice crackers. Another lunch time addition and it was equally as delicious. They weren’t too spicy, but there was definitely some heat behind the black pepper, which I really liked. They did taste a little bit greasy, but I guess that’s just to do with how they were made. It didn’t stop them from being yummy, but I wouldn’t eat them as a stand alone snack.

Olive and Rosemary Bruschetta – moved from ‘try’ to ‘love’. Graze description: mini tomato breadsticks, rosemary and garlic cashews and kalamata olive croutons. Most of this box I’d already sampled in other punnets, but it was lovely to have them all in one punnet together. The breadsticks were my favourite, followed by the cashews, and the croutons were surprisingly nice, not too brittle. I’d happily eat this many times.

Yaki Soba – moved from ‘try’ to ‘bin’. Graze description: soba peanut, edamame beans, chilli and lemon chickpea noodles and chilli broad beans. This punnet was just down right weird. I’m not particularly a fan of peanuts and I really disliked the soba flavouring. I also disliked the noodles, the texture didn’t feel right to me. The edamame and broad beans were really nice actually, it was a shame that the other two components didn’t appeal.


The second box arrived just after Berlin and it had a festive theme in the decorations, I’m going to make my robin this week, seeing as I don’t have essays to be writing. This box was another savory box, it feels like it’s been ages since I last got a sweet treat in my box! I can’t really complain though as it was very delicious.

Cheddar Gorge – moved from ‘try’ to ‘love’. Graze description: cheese cashews, baked herb bites and salsa corn sticks. It’s almost like Graze have been reading all my box-related posts because I’ve had an abundance of cashew nuts, which of course I’ve since discovered I adore. This punnet was ideal for me as I am a complete cheese fiend. Cheese flavoured cashews was like the next level of yumminess. I was a very happy girl when I had this punnet. The baked bites were lovely, less oily than the rice crackers, but I was a bit unsure on the corn sticks. They were nice, but I only liked them because the flavouring added a nice contrast to the cheese.

Korean Chilli Rice Crackers – moved from ‘try’ to ‘love’. Graze description: spicy chilli rice crackers. I ate these on the bus between jobs and it was a very pleasant snack, but I wish I’d eaten it at home because they did smell a bit strong and I don’t think the lady on the bus next to me was very impressed. The spice level was fairly hot, but not unbearably so. I thoroughly enjoyed them. They didn’t leave a greasy after-taste either like the other rice crackers.

Habas Tapas – moved from ‘try’ to ‘like’. Graze description: roasted corn, chilli broad beans and jumbo chilli corn. I really liked the chilli broad beans, but I found both variants of corn rather brittle. There’s just something about the texture. I didn’t mind them in with the broad beans, but I think they would be very dependent on what else they were in with as to whether I’d like them.

Smoky BBQ Corn – moved from ‘try’ to ‘like’. Graze description: jumbo salted corn and smoked cashews. Guess what. I loved the cashews and wasn’t that fussed on the corn. Hence why it’s been lowered from ‘love’ to ‘like’. The smoky flavour was pleasant but I didn’t like it being combined with the salted corn, as I found them too salty.

New nibbles!

This is actually the box that I got nearly a fortnight ago, it just takes me a while to get through a box now third year has well and truly kicked in. I’m taking a break out of my rather successful weekend of research to finally give my review on the NibbleBox (it’s been finished for nearly a week now) as I need to write about something other than Mussolini. After this week, I’m going back to just getting one box a fortnight as this weeks GoodyBox was a repeat of everything I’ve had before, and when I checked the website, there was only one thing I hadn’t tried yet. It didn’t seem worthwhile paying £3.89 when I only wanted one thing and I much prefer the treats available in the NibbleBox. Anyway, back to the NibbleBox. This time it contained some of the new punnets that have recently been added and I was really looking forward to sampling them.

New Chocolate Pretzel – moved from ‘try’ to ‘love’. Graze description: chocolate sauce and poppyseed pretzels. Now I know that so far my track record with pretzels has been a bit hit and miss, however the chocolate sauce made all the difference. The sauce wasn’t sickly (and I ate every last drop of the stuff) and I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the pretzels were when dipped in the sauce. I’m not a huge lover of sweet and savory combined, but this got a big thumbs up from me! It’s not one to eat in polite company though (at least not if you’re as messy as I am), the sauce is just too nice. Plus they’d probably want to sample it.

Mumbai Masala – moved from ‘try’ to ‘love’. Graze description: baked curry bites, spicy chickpeas and masala cashews. As soon as I saw this in my box, I knew I was going to love it. I’ve loved the baked bites and cashews in every punnet they’ve previously featured, and they did not disappoint. If anyone knows of a place I can get different flavoured cashews, I will love you forever. I was intrigued by the chickpeas – I love them in curry etc, but I’ve never had them cold. They were also wonderful. Most definitely a winner from Graze!

New Banana Spilt – moved from ‘try’ to ‘love’. Graze description: fudge pieces, honey almond slivers, pumpkin seeds and banana coins. I can safely say I’ve never had a banana split quite like this. I guess I’m boring and unimaginative, seeing as I’d settle for banana, ice cream and maybe some sauce. This was a delightful little snack that put a smile on my face as I was in the process of manic bread baking. The flavours were delicious. I wasn’t a hundred percent certain on the dried banana as I’ve always avoided it in the past. Mostly because I like fresh banana and the dried form looks rather pathetic. When eating a selection of the punnet together, it tastes lovely, so I may try it again in future. The rest of the punnet tipped the move into ‘love’ rather than a mere ‘like’ as the almond, pumpkin seeds and fudge pieces were very autumnal and refreshing.

New Apricotti Biscotti – moved from ‘try’ to ‘love’. Graze description: amaretti drops, dark chocolate coated apricots and green raisins. I took this punnet into lecture on Tuesday and it went down relatively well (with the ones who actually eat fruit). This was probably the most sophisticated punnet I’ve had from Graze – the dark chocolate and marzipan flavoured drops made it seem very luxurious. I did find that the chocolate masked the taste of the apricots, which was a bit of a disappointment, but I still really enjoyed the punnet.

Now when you compare the delights of this box, to some of the rather lack-luster punnets from the GoodyBox, it’s quite obvious why I opted to save some money, especially with my upcoming trip to Berlin and then the festive season begins in earnest! Despite my best efforts, I am getting more and more excited for Christmas, but that’s mainly because I can’t wait to spoil my loved ones and I’ve got a couple more markets planned. Also my mum is coming down for a festive girly weekend next month and I’m so excited for that. Well that’s my break up, now back to this essay…

Surfing Dragons

It’s that Graze time of the week again! This time round it was the turn of the Goodybox and I have to say that I managed to confuse myself just before trying to work out what I’ve had before. Thankfully, there’s a little bit more to it that the last Goodybox and you can read the reviews for the Jaffa Flapjacks and Say Cheese here. I was dead happy when I opened this box as I have finally been given the chance to try the Dragon’s Nest punnet. It may be just be my childish love of everything fantasty, but I thought this box looked particularly yummy. The Surf’s Up looks decent enough as well so here we go.

Dragon’s Nest – non mover at ‘yes please’. Graze description: juicy grape infused raisins, blueberry yogurt raisins, green raisins and apple. I know I’ve commented before on grape infused raisins and they still seem a bit pointless to me. However the best thing about this punnet was the yogurt covered raisins. I’ve always been a fan of these and the blueberry flavour was delicious. The rest of the box was a bit lack luster. If the next Goodybox doesn’t improve I might cancel this box sooner than expected as I was really looking forward to this punnet and it was a bit… meh.

Surf’s Up – non mover at ‘yes please’. Graze description: pineapple, mango and green raisins. A bit disappointing in comparison to some of the new combinations that they’ve got in the Nibblebox. It was tasty but definitely a ‘like’ rather than ‘love’. The raisins were the nicest bit and I don’t think I particularly like dried mango.

Flavours of the world

Lots of different flavours in this weeks Nibblebox and I’m very looking forward to trying the sushi inspired punnet. When I went to update my ratings for this box, Graze informed me that they had eleven new flavours for me to decide if I wanted them. The lovely thing was, they’d already removed the ones contained cranberries! All the other look really tasty though, so I look forward to getting even more variety in my snacks.

Brooklyn Bites – moved from ‘try’ to ‘love’. Graze description: poppyseed pretzels, cheese cashews and roasted pumpkin seeds. Surprisingly, I really liked the pumpkin seeds. I’ve been trying to work out between these and sunflower seeds which it is that I prefer and well now I know that it’s pumpkin. The cheese cashews were yummy as well, but I’ve already commented on them in the last Nibblebox. The pretzels were nicer than I expected as well. They weren’t as tough as last time. Maybe I’m still thinking about the Bake Off final!

Sweet Goan Curry Crackers – moved from ‘try’ to ‘like’. Graze description: curry rice crackers. There’s no picture for this one because I had this on the train when my phone had only 1% charge and surprisingly wouldn’t take a picture. The crackers tasted like a chip shop style curry sauce, which was quite pleasant, but I wouldn’t like to have these all the time, hence the move to ‘like’ rather than ‘love’. They had a mild spice to them, so they weren’t overpowering, making them ideal for those who don’t like a lot of heat.

Veggie Sushi Plate – moved from ‘try’ to ‘bin’. Graze description: ginger and nori peanuts, japanese seaweed rice crackers and wasabi coated peas. This was the punnet I was most looking forward to, yet also the most dubious about. I tried each individual item and didn’t like any of them. I knew that I wasn’t a huge lover of ginger in savory food and I didn’t enjoy seaweed the first time I tried it, but I thought the wasabi peas might be nice. They were simply too hot for me and the others confirmed my initial dislike for the flavours. I’ve saved it for my housemate though because she loves this punnet.

Chilli and Lime Pistachios – moved from ‘try’ to ‘love’. Graze description: roasted pistachios with chilli and lime seasoning. If you read this regularly, you’ll know that I adore pistachios and this punnet was no exception. They had quite a kick to them, but due to the lime (which you could taste at times) they weren’t as hot as the black pepper seasoned ones. I didn’t think I’d like the lime element, but they made it taste refreshing. Definitely my favourite item in the box!

Down in the jungle where nobody goes…

This Goodybox was a bit of a let down because I’ve already tried and commented on three of the selection. That’s the only negative with this box in comparison with the usual Nibblebox that I get – you can’t control how often certain things are sent to you. For example, I have my Nibblebox selections taken from the ‘try’ more than ‘like’ or ‘love’ in order to try as much as possible. I also use ‘send soon’ to guarantee that I’m going to get at least half the box with new things. So this post is going to be very short, but if you’d like to read the reviews for the other three punnets, click here. The name for this post came from the box design (it reminds me of a crocodile) and the Jungle Trekker and Fruit Tumble punnets – it set my brain off with that song we use to sing at school…

Fruit tumble – non-mover at ‘yes please’. Graze description: mini strawberries, pineapple and lime infused raisins. I don’t think it helped that I scattered half the punnet on my floor when I opened it. Regardless, the raisins were probably my favourite ingredient. They were juicy with a tangy kick which helped balance the pineapple. I wasn’t one hundred percent sure on the dried pineapple this time round. It tasted a bit unusual, I think the flavour was too strong for me. The strawberries were alright, but I prefer when we get fresh ones out the allotment back home. Don’t get me wrong, the punnet was nice, but it would be a ‘like’ rather than ‘love’. It was like having a dried punnet of summer.