Maths, mud, graduation, Rubgy Sevens and everything in between!

Oh my days has it really been that long since I last blogged?! Where has the time gone?! I know I’ve been rather silent in my blogging lately but I’ve barely had a day to myself! I’m going to try to keep this post rather short but seeing as it’s been a while, I may ramble a tad. But then if you’re a regular reader you’ll already know to expect that!

  • First off I have passed both my skills tests and all going well I start my course on the 1st September! I am so excited and relieved that everything is finally pulling together nicely. I passed my first skills test (literacy) the day after my uni results were published and then had the maths test the following week. Both were booked for 8am so I had no time in the morning to worry myself over the tests. Best of luck to everyone else who is either sitting these tests or waiting for exam results! My only honest advice is be realistically positive about it and that things happen for a reason. I honestly believe that I am were I am through a combination of determination, perseverance and fate.
  • I completed the Pretty Muddy 5k event in Gosforth Park with my cousins three days before graduation. I was warned by my mum that I was not allowed to get any visible bruises, in other words ‘don’t spoil the graduation photos with bruises’. I came back incredibly muddy (the bath as soon as I got in the house was heaven) but with no injuries, and the same went for my cousins. We sure did kick cancer’s ass that day.
  • Graduation was fantastic. The sun was shining and everyone had a marvellous day. I stayed at my friend’s house and we had a right laugh celebrating all our hard work. Unfortunately my dad couldn’t be with me that day, but I’m hoping that next year, all going well, he’ll be with me in person, as well as my mum and stepdad who attended with me this year. Bless ’em they travelled to Liverpool and back in one day because of the dogs. It was a long day for me and an even longer one for them! Made worse by a two-hour delay on the M6. All that aside, we had a fantastic day, one that I hope to never forget!
  • Only a couple of days after graduation and I was travelling up to Edinburgh with one of my best friends to attended the Commonwealth Rugby Sevens Finals. We stayed in a lovely hotel in Edinburgh and commuted to Glasgow to save money. We both had a cracking time and I think I’ve found my sporting buddy! The atmosphere was amazing, both teams got cheered on regardless (although the Scotland v England match was tense) and it was one of the greatest evenings yet. I’ve always preferred rugby over most sports and I was so pleased to have gotten tickets, especially once we got in the arena and saw how brilliant the view was from our seats. Right at the top, in between the try posts. We had to race through Glasgow city to catch the last train back to Edinburgh (otherwise we had to buy new tickets) but we  made it and had our evening meal at 1.30am! Chips and curry sauce has never felt so satisfying. I’m currently saving up to visit my aunt in Australia in time for the Commonwealth games over there.

So that’s the big bulk of my summer ‘holidays’ so far. I only get two days off a week so most of the time is spent catching up on paperwork and family. I’m enjoying my summer stint a lot and I can’t wait to attend summer school in two weeks time as a final preparation before my course properly begins. I hope to at least try to post every couple of weeks with updates etc.

The obligatory motor board toss


A brief emergence back into reality…

Hello and apologies for my lack of blogging recently. It’s not looking to improve over the next couple of weeks either as I have entered into the challenging process of writing my dissertation. So far I’m over half way through it, with just over 7,000 words written into an introduction and two chapters. All that’s left is the final chapter which I’m currently researching and then the conclusion. I’ve actually really enjoyed researching it and the writing up bit hasn’t been that much of a chore. Without my family and friends there’s no way I’d be feeling as happy with it as they’ve been incredibly supportive and don’t complain when I send off a chapter for them to read over. In fact, so far the feedback has been positive and they appear to find it interesting to read, which is always a bonus!

I’ll give you a quick little update of what’s happened over the past few weeks in between writing my last undergraduate essay and this dissertation.

  • I went to the National Archives in London with uni the week before we broke up. It was a fascinating trip and I loved being able to handle the original government papers. I found it really useful for my dissertation research, although some documents I couldn’t access because someone else was using them. The only negative about the trip was the length of time spent on the mini bus. I’ve managed 48 hours on a coach to Croatia but 9 hours cramped into what was essentially a glorified school mini bus was not comfy. It took us longer than expected to get to London due to traffic and given that I’d been up since just before 6am, having only had a few hours sleep the night before as I was finishing off my final essay, I was a tad grumpy. Also I get really travel sick and there was no windows to open for fresh air. I wasn’t sick, just felt nauseous which I think is far worse, but I did see some wonderful wildlife when I was gazing out the window – several Red Kites and some Muntjac Deer – I thought that was pretty neat and I live in a fairly rural area.
  • I spent the last two weekends of term in the caravan with my parents. The first weekend I travelled to Chirk to visit them before my Mother’s Day concert at the Palmhouse, Sefton Park. We stayed at Lady Margaret’s Park  which was beautiful. Very peaceful and the walks were fantastic. We must have walked well over ten miles on Saturday as we walked the dogs along the canal and then we left them in the car to sleep whilst we walked over Pontcysyllte Aqueduct in Llangollen. I’ll admit it was pretty terrifying but I got some fab photos. The concert went really well on Sunday but it was boiling in the Palmhouse. It is essentially a massive greenhouse and when it’s slightly sunny outside, the temperature just soars inside. Mam and Alan loved the concert though.
  • The second weekend I moved out for Easter and travelled to Bury, Manchester to meet them. The site was again wonderful – a very good dog walk and there was a steam train which went passed the site a few times a day. Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy their fortnight holiday, especially the dogs. Honestly Mabel and Marvin were on their best behaviour! Then we came back and they’ve turned into disobedient doggies again. I blame the rabbit season. Being Lurchers, it is in their nature to hunt, and Mabel was trained before we adopted them to hunt rabbits. It’s difficult but we are making progress with them.
  • Anyway the two weekends out from Liverpool were just what I needed. I feel like I haven’t stopped working since the start of March on essays etc but the hard work does appear to be paying off. My Capital Punishment essay received a first, which I’m absolutely ecstatic over. I just really hope the final essay and my dissertation also do well. I’d hate to fall at the final hurdle. When I get back to uni at the end of the month, I have two days between my dissertation deadline and the exams being released (history are lovely and give us seen papers), so I fully intend to chill between those days – catch up on my tv and blogs, spend some time with my friends without going for a library visit… Just to reset my brain as I’ll then only have two weeks before my exams and then it’s all over! Three years of hard graft and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • When I returned home, I’ve had the joy of insuring my car. That’s right nearly two years after I passed my test, I’m finally driving again. There was no point in paying over a grand to be insured on Mam’s car while I was at uni because I’d hardly get the chance to drive it, but because I’ll hopefully be driving to Peterlee for the majority of the next academic year, I needed a car. My grandparents bought a new car last month and they’d promised me their old one once I’d passed my test. It’s a lovely red Suzuki (called Susie) and I’ve driven quite a few times over the past week and a bit. Mostly with Mam as a comforting passenger, but I did my first solo drive on Saturday evening and I’m going out again on my own tonight. Everything’s going well but my goodness car insurance is ridiculously expensive – the cheapest I managed to get (including breakdown cover) will cost just over £1,100 overall as I’m paying it in monthly installments. Some wanted to charge me nearly £3,000!! The joys of owning a car.
  • This week is the start of my social life again. I’m out tonight to finalise the Queen’s Guide Award trip I’m doing with three others from my Senior Section unit here. We’re going to London on Sunday so we just want to get all the details clarified and deal with paperwork etc. Tomorrow I get to spend some time with Mam and then in the evening I’m out with my best friends for a much-needed catch up. I’m also heading out for lunch today after I visited the Lit & Phil to get some more books for my chapter with one of my best friends from primary school. I’ve had a wonderful time since coming home fitting in seeing my family, including my cousin who was over briefly from Ireland, between working hard on my dissertation. On Good Friday after mass I’m going to my Auntie’s for a big family meal. I’ll get to see my Aunt and Uncle who live in Alnwick and my cousins with their 9-month daughter. I honestly can’t wait!

So that’s all that’s not been reported recently. I do intend to get back into regular blogging once my work load reduces, as I have quite a few ideas currently on the back-burner. Mind, the site does still get a handful of views each day, which always brings a smile to my face knowing that somebody, somewhere in the world, has stumbled across GeordieGiraffe and is having a gander. So thank you for that.


Here’s to another year of experiences!

And now it’s 2014. I hope everyone had a safe but lovely evening welcoming the new year in!

I went round to my best friend’s house and she cooked us a wonderful three course meal. My other two best friends were also there and it was great to welcome the new year in with them, even if I did start falling asleep not long after midnight! We laughed pretty much the whole evening as we caught up on everything we’d missed from being at uni. Her mum gave us all lifts home and I was back in my loft by 2.30am. Safe to say I’m feeling rather tired and a little bit rough this morning! My first ever New Years hangover (mild as it is) – let’s hope that’s not a sign of how things are going to go this year!

Advent and apologies

First off, I apologise for my silence – third year has well and truly struck! I was away last week on a fieldtrip to Berlin and have spent the remaining time on both my dictators essay and PGCE application. I handed in my essay this morning, collected some textbooks for my next one and I’m going to tackle my application again tonight. I had it already to send off last week before I went away, only for UCAS to decide to make the box for my personal statement tiny. While my characters were under the limit and I was on 47 lines, that box claims that it’s 7 lines too long. After spending a week culling it, I’m going to tackle it a fresh once more and see what I can do with it. I’ll be happier once it’s all handed in. Instead I’m taking a breather from all things academic to do a little blogging and I intend to have a full on pamper session tonight.

I’ll start with the weekend before I went to Berlin as it was a bit of a mixed two days. I was pulling my hair out in tears at UCAS in the morning (pathetic I know but I felt like I’d put my heart and soul into it for nothing) before participating in the fashion event at my Oxfam shop. We’d been planning the event for a couple of months and I’m really pleased with how the public responded. Several of the volunteers and I stood in the window for two hours in various party outfits chosen from the shop and we all had great fun waving at the public. Despite the let down from the local newspaper, we still received a fantastic response from the public and the shop was pretty busy for most of the day once the Darby match had finished.

My hair and make up for the window – I am wearing a lovely dress but I wasn’t 100% certain with the hair

The following day involved a trip into Liverpool centre to get some last-minute items for Berlin. Seeing as the washing machine was still out of action, I had to buy a towel and I ended up treating myself to a new outfit – high-waisted jeans that actually fit and a cosy jumper. I’d gone into town with one of my friends from my course as we had half price tickets to see Ed Byrne. After our shopping we had tea at Wagamama’s, which was a pleasant change, and then we went to the Empire for the show. It was well worth the money and we had an excellent time.

From Monday to Friday last week I was in Berlin with the history, politics and media departments from uni. I went to Madrid with them last year and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I had high hopes for this trip. I certainly wasn’t disappointed! Thankfully the majority of the trip was completely different to my last visit to the city, although it did help knowing where things were in the centre and how to use the public transport. So far Berlin is my favourite place in the EU that I’ve been to, and I’d happily visit it again, especially when the Advent markets are there. We went to several and had a fabulous time. I started on my Christmas shopping and sampled lots of yummy food. There was plenty of free time available alongside optional and mandatory trips during our stay and I definitely got what I wanted out of the trip. For me it was all about the history, seeing as that’s what I paid the money for, and I feel like I could go back and still learn more about the rich history Berlin is steeped with. I could go on and on about the trip, but that would probably take too long. Instead I’ll give you a couple of snap shots of my favourite parts of the trip.

As much as I would have liked to take the weekend off to fully recover from the trip, I had several promises to keep. The first was to attend panto with my guide unit on the Friday evening. I literally landed and jumped on the first bus into town. I adore pantomimes, have done ever since I was a kid, and every year my Scouse guide unit go to see the rock and roll panto. I couldn’t let a little thing like a flight stop me from seeing my final panto with them. It was very entertaining, especially as I still had to get some of the local phrases explained to me. I probably would have appreciated it more, had I not been shattered and a little travel sick, but beggars can’t be choosers. When I eventually got home, it was straight to bed and a well-earned kip!

I spent the majority of the weekend finishing my research and writing my dictators essay. Boy am I pleased to be able to forget about that for a while! It’s been a real struggle as I’ve not enjoyed the topic as much as I usually do when writing an essay, but I’ve done the best that I could on it. On Saturday evening I performed with my university concert band at the Creative Campus and it was such a fantastic concert. I enjoyed it so much and look forward to our next two performances – Christmas staff service and then the Mother’s Day concert at the Palm House. I spent Sunday morning out with several members of the Amnesty Society participating in the 10th Santa Dash around Liverpool. Despite having to get up ridiculously early in the morning, it was such an uplifting and hilarious morning. There were literally thousands of Santas jogging around Liverpool and I hope everyone else who participated enjoyed it as much as we did. For some more information/photos from our outing, have a nose here and you can still donate if you wish here. Many thanks for everyone who has already donated and for all the support we’ve received.

After the Santa Dash

Now the final thing I’d like to mention in this post is my happiness that advent has arrived, although how quickly the year has gone! Not surprisingly after spending the morning in a Santa suit, I was feeling incredibly festive yesterday. I love everything to do with Christmas, although not so much the time and hassle it takes to get gifts etc. Part of the homily yesterday was about it being the time of patience and calm as we wait for the birth of Christ, so I am going to try to relax as much as I can and just enjoy the festive season. There’s so much to enjoy over the next few weeks as Mum is coming to visit for an extended weekend on Friday, Christmas camp is the following week once my final essay of this term has been handed in, and then I have a week to chill and pack before I go back home. And every day I get to open another door on my Ciate advent calendar! Tis the season!

Two of my favourite things – Advent and nail varnish!

Snuggly essay days, shopping and a new job

Liverpool is absolutely freezing now, and to make matters worse, we currently don’t have a working washing machine. Not exactly ideal given that I go away next week, but then it’s a brilliant excuse to get a few ’emergency’ jumpers. I spent most of Sunday huddled up under my giraffe print throw, hot water bottle tucked under my feet and copious thermal cups of coffee on hand, to get me through my essay research. For some reason, I’m not feeling that dedicated to it at the moment. It might be because I have a slightly more important personal statement to narrow down (47 lines is a puny amount for a PGCE application!) and the essay deadline seems ages away. Either way, it was a relatively relaxing day snuggled up with the textbooks. Yeah goodbye social life!

I absolutely adore these slouchy socks!

Welcome to third year

Yesterday I went to Cheshire Oaks with two of my friends on my course. Luckily, one of the girls was our taxi for the day (I’m repaying her with a coffee and loan of a textbook today) so we didn’t have to faff around with buses etc. We went mainly to go to TGI Fridays, but the discounted shopping was another bonus. Lunch was lovely, in fact the whole day was brill as it was an excuse to get out the house and just relax for a bit. We were out for about five hours in total, but it was worth the break. I bought some stuff in Boots to try out – some hair putty to style my short crop, a new lippy and liner for nights out and a cute every day nail polish. I’m toying with the idea of doing a few beauty reviews on them in the future, so keep an eye out. I did get some leggings in H&M, but I think I’m going to either return or exchange them as they’re too big when I go into town tomorrow after work.

My beauty treats

Today was my first shift as a viewing clerk for my housing agency. It went pretty well given that it was my first one, we only had one wrong set of keys (not my fault) and two locked bedrooms which the master keys wouldn’t open. My next shift is on Thursday and I’ll be on my own for that one, which I’m weirdly excited about it. Not so keen on the timing though as I’m out Wednesday night and have a 9am lecture to attend before the viewing. Excellent excuse for not staying out ridiculously late though! The only negative about the viewings is that I’ve left my lovely Radley umbrella in one of the properties! All the tenants have been notified about it but I can not remember where I put it down. Hopefully I’ll get it back, but if not, I’ll get a cheap one in Primark tomorrow (just in case) and ask for a new one for Christmas.

MKS – a complete circle for the Sugababes and an epic night out

Last night my housemate and I went to Manchester to see MKS aka Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan aka Sugababes version one. Now as a kid, I adored this band, although I’ll admit I mainly got into their music just as Siobhan left and Heidi joined. Version three (when Mutya left) was a bit of a let down and then they broke up fairly soon after that anyway. Regardless, they were definitely one of my favourite bands and I love listening to the albums. I’m currently uploading all the ones on my laptop to my phone so I can boogie along to them whilst walking to uni. Anyway, we were very lucky with the tickets as I won them in a competition with Heat Radio – a very simple, email when ‘Overload’ played, but I nearly missed out after an hour of waiting, thanks to technology and tea. Thankfully, I was just in time and got to choose which event I attended. I opted for Manchester because it was the closest to uni and would therefore minimise travel cost and the risk of lecture avoidance.

This outfit is one of my bargain combos as both the top and skirt were bought in the sales. The crop top was only £3 in the New Look sale last month, and the skirt was £5 from Boohoo. I love the skirt as it looks brilliant with crops as it sits nicely on my waist, without being über short on the legs. I wore my super thick black tights from Primark because we’d be doing a fair bit of walking to and from public transport. I know it probably looks like I’ve underdressed for the weather, but I also roast in venue halls and having never been to The Ritz in Manchester, I opted for taking a jacket that could be chucked on if I got cold inside, but also wouldn’t be bulky for carrying if I didn’t. The leather jacket is from Oasis and I honestly don’t know how I survived up until this year without this jacket – it’s my go-to going-out jacket as it adds an edge to just about every outfit. Seeing as it’s November (and making sure that we know it’s well and truly winter) I wore my giraffe hat from Mum and green giraffe scarf which I got in Oxford. See, geordies can dress appropriately! I kept the accessories simple – just a floral headband, duck earrings, River Island watch and heart bangle. After much deliberation (I really struggled on which shoes to wear) I opted for my purple Doc Martin boots as they are nice and comfy (the gig was standing) and it didn’t matter if they got a little scuffed as they’re three years old now, whereas there was no way I was letting my pink DM shoes get trampled on!

We got the train from South Parkway to Manchester Oxford Road and treated ourselves to tea in Pizza Express. It was literally three minutes down the road from the venue and we got a seat straight away. The food was lovely – I had Cavatappi Formaggi, which is their version of Mac and Cheese (ultimate comfort food which I’m going to make some day soon) and the one of their Dolcetti desserts of chocolate brownie and a mocha. I think in future if I get a dessert from there, I’ll go with that option as it’s the perfect portion of desert and the coffee wasn’t too bad either. My housemate got a hot toddy to warm herself up because it was pretty nippy outside. The service was excellent and after a quick Google Map check, we headed for The Ritz.

When we got there, we realised that it was doors open at 7pm, not the show starting then, which meant that we would be getting the last train home. Not necessarily a problem, but my poor housemate had to be up at 5.30 this morning to go to work! The venue was fab, much prettier than what I was expecting, given that my only previous experience of a similar venue is The Academy in Newcastle back in 2008 and that was dire. The Ritz, however, was like an old ballroom (so suited the name I guess, given that we kept humming ‘Putting on the Ritz’) and it had comfy seats at the back. Well being the boring old farts that we are (and seeing as we had an hour wait until the first act) we sat on a quite comfy sofa at the back where we had excellent views of the stage. The support act, Mike Hough, was very good. His Rihanna mix was great and despite having never heard of him, we were dancing in our seats and loving the gig. I’m going to have a browse for him on YouTube later and I’d probably download his music.

After two hours in the venue, MKS finally came on stage and they were amazing! I was incredibly surprised by how good they were live and I’ve been very lucky with my free concerts over the past three months. I’d forgotten how good their harmonies were and it brought goosebumps at times. They did a mix of their original stuff, music from version two (which Siobhan sang like it was written for her, she was excellent) and then some of their new stuff. I can’t wait for their album to be released next year! I was dead chuffed that they did some of the version two songs, Mum got her concert call for ‘Push the Button’ (her favourite) and we all sang our hearts out. The venue size was just perfect for the concert as it was all genuine fans, it wasn’t rowdy (one of my fears with standing gigs) and I’d definitely consider going their again for a gig. We’ve got our eyes on a few upcoming events in Liverpool, so that’s what I’m going to research in minute (my PGCE application can wait until tonight at this rate).


Coming home was an experience as it was the 23.27 train from Oxford Road to South Parkway and took an hour to get back. After about twenty minutes the windows were all opened because some geezer had been sick, but other than that, we just struggled to stay awake so we didn’t miss our stop! It was a cheap taxi trip home and then bed by 1.30am. Naturally I opted for more sleep than the gym this morning and did intend to start my application, but I’ll do that after band tonight. It was such a fantastic gig last night and I can’t wait for our next one, whenever it may be!

Liverpool’s ‘Big’ Christmas and Vintage Fair

My comments about Christmas coming too early still stand because frankly it felt a little odd having a festive day alongside a two-minute silence in remembrance (even weirder given that it was in Primark). However, I thoroughly enjoyed my day out with my friend from Amnesty and I’m sure she’ll be blogging about it between the mountain of uni work that is threatening to bury the two of us.

The weather was fairly pleasant this morning, so I ended up going out in one of my favourite outfits. Yes I’m finally ready to reveal myself, rather than a cropped/zoomed photo. Just another dimension to add to the blog seeing as I adore clothes shopping and fashion in general. The jumper is from Sainsbury’s and it is super cosy. The skirt and tights are both Primark’s finest – I do love a good bargain, especially when it’s something I can wear with just about everything in my tiny uni wardrobe. To complete the outfit, I wore my pink Doc Martin shoes (I tend to wear very little else when I leave the house), my Next quilted jacket and my lovely new knitted addition. My incredibly talented mum has knitted me this hat and it arrived in the post yesterday. As you know, I adore giraffes and I’m very impressed with Mum’s skills.

We met before the fair started as we fancied going for a Costa breakfast, mainly because the new festive range is available. I had a skinny Black Forest Gateau hot chocolate and a slice of Christmas cake. That’s one of my favourite festive foods so I thought I might as well go whole hog since I was having a treat breakfast and going to a Christmas fair. Can you believe that I had the last hot chocolate – they’d ran out by 9.45am! It was very tasty and set me up for the day of shopping ahead.

I bought the tickets for the fair through Groupon as we got four tickets for the price of two. It was advertised as ‘Liverpool’s Big Vintage Fair’ and I’m fairly sure there was something about a free Nails Inc nail polish and photos, but instead we got a choice between free mulled wine, mince pie or cupcake. We went with the cupcake option because it was too early in the morning for wine and chocolate is always good. The fair was at the Bluecoat in Liverpool, which is a wonderful building slightly hidden behind Primark. There were a couple of stands in the front courtyard, including a fantastic cosmetic stall. I bought a spiced plum lip balm (I do have a slight obsession with lip balms) and there were a couple of other things that tempted me, but I resisted. We went upstairs first and I have to say we were a little disappointed with the range of products there. For the most part, the items were the same, just at different prices and qualities. There were also some incredibly pushy sellers. Again, a few things caught my eye, including some lovely (but pricey) scarves and long necklaces. I’d quite like to get a statement necklace, but I’m yet to see one that totally steals my heart (and therefore my purse). We had a wander in the stalls downstairs and they were much more impressive. Still very expensive though. It’s almost like people can add another zero to the price tag because it’s ‘vintage’. Sometimes it’s worth it, but for the most part, I struggled to justify the prices some sellers were asking for. There were some cute candles inside china cups (seems to be the new craze along with melted records as dishes) but due to the tiny size of my room, I again couldn’t justify getting them. Same with the lovely cake stands. When I get my own place, I might be able to treat myself to little trinkets like that. In the end, I settled for some bunting for my room, another set for Christmas, and a cute little gingerbread figure which is currently decorating my mug tree. It was a lovely fair, but I’m pleased I only paid £2.50 for it, especially when you consider the size of my favourite markets back home, which are free. As a one-off day out, it was worth it though.

Today’s market purchases

My housemate was meant to be going with us to the fair, but due to a prior commitment, we didn’t meet up with her until after 2pm. Seeing as we’d finished the fair by 11am, we decided to do a bit of shopping since we were already in town. Primark seemed the obvious place to start seeing as it was practically next door and we both wanted to get some more woolies in. We found quite a few bargains in store and I ended up doing one of the cheapest Primark shops I’ve done in a long time. I got a pair of disco shorts for £3 (I’ve fancied a pair for a while, so we’ll see how I wear them), some new PJs for my upcoming uni trip to Berlin, a new set of tights and a winter themed thermal mug for uni. I’m impressed with the PJ shorts as they feel like winceyette, yet are fairly short. This baffled my housemate earlier because ultimately shorts are cold regardless of the material, but I get too hot sometimes, so they should be ideal for my winter trip. I’ll take thick bed socks just to be on the safe side. I love taking my thermal cups into uni – my current one has a cupcake pattern and was part of last year’s house secret Santa gift. This winter themed one (it’s not allowed to be classed as Christmassy yet) is cute and will brighten up my lectures as much as the coffee inside it. I was tempted by some of the Christmas jumpers, but I’ve still got last years so didn’t see the point in getting another, despite there being some very cute ones available.

Primark goodies – minus the disco shorts, they didn’t look good in the photo

We went to Mello Mello for lunch – it’s a veggie/vegan friendly cafe just off the main streets and I’d heard lots of great things about it. Lunch was lovely – I had a feta, salsa and spinach granary sandwich with black pepper crisps and fermented cherry cola. I was a bit unsure about the fermented fruit bit, but I was assured that this is a less harmful way to have fruit and it tasted delicious. Much nicer than other branded stuff. The feta sandwich was scrummy, a bit rich, but then that’s why I chose it as I very rarely have it. If I could remember the way there, I’d definitely go again and they do live bands etc so it should definitely be considered again.


We still had a bit of time to kill, so we went over to Lush. As you’ve probably gathered, this is becoming one of my favourite shops. I’d say at least a third of my Christmas list is from there and I could easily add to it. I’m seriously tempted to get their ‘Let the good times roll’ face cleanser and ‘Karma kream’ body lotion. Like I said, if I had the money, I’d stock my bathroom with their products.

As I mentioned, we later met my housemate and her boyfriend to give them their tickets, but we didn’t stay long at the fair with them as we were pretty tired by then. I’ve been in a bit of discomfort today due to my hour-long toning session at the gym yesterday – those core muscles have barely been touched in the past couple of months and were seriously protesting this morning! We went to pick up our Santa suits for the Santa Dash in a few weeks time. A group of six of us from the Amnesty Society at Hope will be participating to raise funds for Amnesty International UK. If you are feeling particularly generous, feel free to donate here, it would be greatly appreciated!

After that it was a bus ride home with all our purchases and plans for another shopping session after our winter deadlines!