What’s occurring…

Just a quick check in this week, it’s been a bit of a mad one but I intend to keep my promise!

  • The main focus of my week has been school. On Monday I start my preparation week for my first placement and I also teach my first solo history lesson there! I’m a little bit nervous about it (naturally, I’m teaching about 25 year 7s about the Romans, a topic I haven’t studied since I was in year 7!) but my mentor has been very supportive and I’m rather chuffed with my lesson plan and resources.
  • I’ve been battling a snotty nose this week. I know, not the glam update you want to read on a Sunday evening/Monday morning/whenever you are reading this, but tough, I’m hating it. Especially because I can’t do a delicate, ladylike nose-blow. Instead I get nicknamed ‘Fog on the Tyne’ by my loving family. The plus side is that I’m using cute 101 dalmatian cotton hankies that I’ve had since primary school (they are washable, before you further judge me) to avoid tooting away in school.
  • I’ve had a wonderful, rather relaxing weekend. Well, Friday night and Saturday anyway, today’s been spent planning and I’m going to jump in the bath now. I went to Durham for my friend’s 21st birthday and shared a hotel room with another friend to avoid spoiling our time there (ie. not having to worry about catching the last train home). It was a great treat, although I returned to the room not long after 1am as I was shattered from work (note to self, try to nap before a night out!). We indulged in the breakfast buffet (I had an omelette as well as fruit and yogurt etc), then we shopped for a bit (Durham has some fantastic boutique shops) and returned home. Birthday girl also had a great time.
  • I got my gels redone. I’ve started to treat myself to a pamper session at the beauticians every three weeks by getting my fingernails done. I hate having chipped nails as I think it doesn’t look as professional as bare nails and my nails were constantly splitting. Already (this is my second set of gels) I can see the improvement in my nails. They had grown a great deal (I have them filed back down) and they looked healthier between the gels going off and on again. Plus I feel really girly glancing down at my beautiful, coral nails!

That is literally the highlights of my week. To sum it up – school is going well, I’m snotty but I have colourful, healthy nails, a pretty new scarf and some winter tea to try. It’s the little things…

A successful Saturday!

A successful Saturday!


I’ve got another two and a bit months to fill…

I’ve found that while I’m cycling to and from work I start to work up different mundane lists (therefore you have fair warning that a few may be appearing in this blog). One of the lists that I keep coming back to is what to do during my rather extended summer holiday. Here’s twenty that I can remember and I’m sure the list will expand even as I cross items off!

  1. Finish the baby blanket for my cousin’s imminent new arrival
  2. Visit the Austen exhibition at Belsay Hall
  3. Visit the Lindisfarne Gospels in Durham
  4. Take my niece to Stephenson Railway Museum for the day
  5. Spend the day at South Shields Ocean Beach – I did this a few years ago with a group of friends and it was a brilliant day out
  6. Cycle to Newcastle with my Grandad (I’m old enough to do the pub bit now!)
  7. Try some new cycle routes in the area
  8. Do a walking pub crawl in Newcastle (but only proper pubs)
  9. Day trip to York – including the less touristy sites for dissertation research
  10. Make a dent in said dissertation research
  11. Visit Hadrian’s Hall (and not just the bit at Segedunum!)
  12. Have a picnic
  13. Go to an open mic night or something similar
  14. Go speed dating – more to be able to say I’ve done it than anything serious
  15. Do an alphabet blog per day (likely to begin in August)
  16. Try and read at least one ‘classic’ novel – maybe an Austen or Dickens novel
  17. Make a start on Dad’s list of recommended films
  18. Try something new at least once a week
  19. Try to spend as much time with the people who matter
  20. And overall enjoy the time off as much as possible

I guess it’s fairly obvious from this list that I’m working in Tourist Information and with only two days off a week I’m going to be pretty busy over the summer. However it is my last official summer holiday as an undergrad, as this time next year I should be graduating (fingers crossed!), so I want to try to make the most of my extended recovery time. Here’s hoping for good weather, company and health!