I’m back I promise!

My sincerest apologies readers! I knew it had been a while since I last blogged but I honestly did not think it had been nearly two months! That is simply not acceptable and I am going to make a firm effort to post at least once a week. The reason behind my absence is my teaching course. I’m about six weeks into it now and I’ve finally settled into a form of routine. We all know I’m all about routine which is why, unfortunately, this blog has suffered from my neglect. But as I’ve said, no more! I want this blog to reflect my current thoughts and interests, so expect more reviews on beauty products (I have a load to share) and historical and teaching interests.

Just a quick run through on everything that’s happened since I last blogged:

  • I started my teaching course in Peterlee so my confidence in driving has greatly improved, I’ve made lots of new friends and I’m thoroughly enjoying being a trainee magpie (ideas not physical stealing of course)
  • I turned 22! And yes I did spend the majority of the day singing that Taylor Swift song. I also spent the morning on a WWI walk around a local cemetery, despite having been horrendously ill the whole weekend with a bug (I’d been sent home from school I was that ill).
  • As you might have guessed from how I spent my birthday, I’ve taken full advantage of being home by signing up for lots of different historical talks. It’s amazing once you start looking how many free talks there are in the area! So far I’ve been to a variety of talks from the Tudors to WWI. I’ve got quite a few lined up over the next month or so, and I’ll probably mention them in future posts.
  • My social life has picked up thanks to my course. The fact that I’m home also helps as I’m catching up with all my school friends as well.
  • I’ve also got a couple of trips lined up over the remainder of the year (isn’t that a scary thought – 2014 has flown by!). The first of which is in a couple of weeks to visit my uni friends in Liverpool for a mini girlie reunion.
Miss Nichol-WIlson - check out my teacher face!

Miss Nichol-Wilson – check out my teacher face!


Happy 1st Birthday GeordieGiraffe!!

Technically this was yesterday, but given that I didn’t get back from the Senior Section trip until late yesterday evening, I’m sure you can all forgive my tardiness!

How quickly has the year passed?! It’s certainly been a good one overall for me. I’ve made it to my final year of studies and I’m on my way to achieving what I went to university to do. There’s been ups and downs a plenty, but this blog has helped me to remain positive. I still have the notes that I made for my very first post and I think I’ve covered everything mentioned on those sheets at least once!

I’d like to thank everyone who has read this blog – for your comments, likes, follows – it has all helped me focus my blog and turn it into something which I am proud to call my own! To say I didn’t want anyone to read it would be a lie – I would’ve kept it completely private if that were the case – but I certainly never expected it to be as popular as it has become. I know that to some 222 followers (112 which are purely through WordPress) does not seem like a great number, but to me it is amazing. Clearly you like what I have to say! There’s been 1,747 views of this blog (according to WordPress stats) and again, that number boggles my mind.

So here’s to many more years of my rambles to follow. I can’t promise what they’ll contain, for one I can’t see into the future, and I know that the content will vary once I move back home. I’ll even have to change the tagline! I look forward to seeing how the next year compares and I hope you all enjoy reading about!

Thank you!

I tweet, I blog and now I pin… am I becoming a social media courtesan?

I’m gradually expanding my interaction with social network sites. It started with Bebo, then came MySpace, and for a long time I settled for just Facebook. But then I realised I had things I wanted to say that weren’t really appropriate for various family members that I’m friends with on Facebook, but thought the opinions were witty enough to share with the rest of the world. So along came Twitter. I do love using Twitter to whinge about everything else in my life. It’s like Facebook is my nice side, and Twitter is the bitchy, two-faced version of me. Not all the time I’d like to say! I don’t feel as judged on Twitter because what I have to say isn’t really as weird or mean as half the stuff that goes on there. I use Twitter as my commentator spot when I’m watching tv, or when I’m busy writing an essay I use it to see how well my word count is going in a satisfying (and at times frantic) countdown. Yes, I’m that sad. But that’s what social networking is doing to us! When you think that before social networking really kicked off, people (usually) thought about what they were going to say and didn’t just blurt it out for all to hear. For example, I saw one of those eCards pictures that are constantly floating around FB (another irritating aspect of the network) which went along the lines of ‘I don’t use Facebook, instead I shout out what I’m feeling every five minutes’. You may laugh (I know I did) but it’s so true. Things have changed to the point where people seem to think it’s appropriate to tell the world that they’ve just had toast for breakfast. As if my day was going to crumble without reading that essential snippet of drivel?!

I could on for ages about the irritation of FB, in fact my Dad calls it FaceBake because that is what it feels like sometimes. I only really use it now for keeping in touch with friends and family both home and away. In a way, I guess I’m starting to mature. Especially in comparison to what some of my younger cousins post. The latest bug-bear is that four pictures one word game that people keep asking help for. I’m not a walking puzzle-solver.

So alongside Twitter, I also like Instagram, despite it being dubbed as ‘Twitter for those who can’t read’. You get some really pretty images of nail art and fashion ideas floating around there and I enjoy it for that. Plus it can make my pictures pretty without having to faff on with camera settings etc.

As I mentioned in my very first blog (‘Oi oi let’s see how this works…’) I’ve tried various blog sites in the past and didn’t really enjoy them but I’m really into this one. I also find that sometimes I can’t wait to try to work out how to record the day’s events. Exciting student lifestyle I live, right?!

Anyway my latest sign up in the social media lot was Pinterest. My housemate recommended it to me as I love looking at different fashion styles on the web to see what styles would suit my new body shape. The downside to losing weight is that none of your clothes fit properly over time and you have to spend money on new clothes, but the bonus is that you can carve a new style niche for yourself and be adventurous about what you want to try. After all you don’t have to buy the clothes (or keep them if you order online!) and part of feeling good about yourself is learning what flatters and showcases your new figure. It also becomes a fantastic method of procrastination. That’s something that happens a great deal when you should be working on an essay! Anyway, I’ve now created a board which I’m constantly filling with styles and bits of fashion that I might try when I’m out shopping and it’s so easy to access when I’m out and about (I’m an Android girl – another element of technology taking over my life!). Instead of taking grainy, reflective snapshot on my mobile of various styles I fancy, I can now pin them to my very own portable mood board. Perfect! Admittedly I’m still coming to grips with various aspects of it and I spent ages yesterday evening swearing over the site not doing what I wanted it to do, but I think I’m onto another social media favourite.

So overall, I’d say that the enormous benefits that social networking has for me, such as a simple way to keep in touch with loved ones, constant style and life inspirations and having somewhere to air my thoughts (even if no one know reads it), makes it seem alright for others to post daft (but not offensive!) things, despite the irritation it may momentary cause. After all, life is too short to fuss over insufficient things.