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A-Z of me!

A – animated – what can I say, I like to move
B – bookworm – in fact I’d say I’m most likely to be spotted with my head in a book of some sorts
C – cautious – I’m up for pretty much everything legal, but I’ll often over think things and I could seem guarded with people I don’t know
D – Doctor Who – what’s not to love about a mad man with a blue box who travels through time and space?!
E – exercise – I was dancer long before I could walk and I’ve recently discovered a love for jogging and the gym
F – family and friends – in my eyes they’re the two sets of loved ones everyone needs in their life and I adore mine to pieces!
G – giraffes – my all time favourite animal, so much so that as a kid I wanted to be one ‘when I grow up’
H – history – greatest subject going as far as I’m concerned. Part of my undergraduate degree and what I want my career in the ‘grown up’ world to be
I – Italy – I’d love to travel around this lovely country
J – jewellery – antd the memories they bring forth – my dragon necklace, Pandora bracelet, ring, creative earrings and belly bar to name but a few!
K – kitchen – women jokes aside, I love cooking and I can’t wait to have my own (and the rest of the house of course)
L – Liverpool – a city dear to my heart as I studied there for my undergrad
M – music – it’s very rare for me to not have some form of music accompanying my daily life
N – Newcastle – my hometown, making me a proud Geordie (I don’t follow the football)
O – opportunistic – and I always make the most of the curve balls life likes to throw at me
P – pampering – be it painting my nails, moisturising, or just chilling with a good book and the radio, to me those few moments of shut off are essential
Q – quality over quantity – I try to apply this to everything in my life
R – realistic – but optimistically so
S – ‘shy bairns get nout’ – basically be bold and go for it because there’s nothing worse than ‘if only’
T – theology – I studied this for my first two years at uni, but despite it being really interesting, I wasn’t as gripped with the course (like I am with history) so decided to drop it in my final year.
U – unique – as we all are and should be
V – volunteer – Girl Guiding and Oxfam are my current volunteering roles and I thoroughly enjoy them both
W – whimsical – in all of it’s definitions
X – show your love/appreciation for others in your life (pretty naff I know but have you got anything better for x?)
Y – youthful – something I occasionally feel, scarily not often enough given I’m only twenty-one!
Z – zealous – once I’ve started on something, I give it my all as I don’t like things to be half-hearted


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