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Inside my make-up drawer: Benefit How To Look The Best At Everything in Light

Inside my make-up drawer

**Disclaimer – I’ve purchased these products for myself. All opinions are my own and 100% bluntly honest**

I know I’ve promised to continue with my product reviews for a couple of months and I’ve finally found the time to get around to it! I’ve fully moved back home and the unpacking is nearly all complete. The past fortnight has been pretty busy as I’ve had to integrate two bedrooms into one, pack for and attend the Isle of Wight Festival (amazing!) and completed another week of primary school placement. The next few weeks before I start my summer job are going to be spent revising for and sitting my skills tests, catching up with friends and family, and I fully intend to blog more frequently!

Benefit How to Look the Best at Everything

Benefit How To Look The Best At Everything in Light £25.50 – Flawless Complexion Makeup Kit

Benefit says: ‘We wrote the book on complexion perfection! Our custom perfectors give you a luminous complexion by blending away imperfections and minimising the appearance of pores. You’ll be the first to finish flawless.’

I bought this set back in January and I loved it immediately. At the time I wanted to try Benefit’s Boi-ing, which is £17.50 on its own, and I was intrigued by their primer. This kit seemed like the ideal buy as it contained two shades of Boi-ing, a primer, and both liquid and powder foundations, for an additional £7 instead of one concealer. It’s a handy size for travel and comes with a mirror in the lid, hidden behind the ‘Tips and Tricks’ information. For a make-up novice like myself, this was incredibly useful as I got use to the products. The packaging is really cute – the picture above shows the front of the box containing the products and the back of the packaging for the box. It might seem a tad excessive and wasteful but it stops them being sampled in store and looks adorable. I’m not going to lie, the fact that it looked like a book appealed to my bookworm nature and it isn’t too big for overnight trips etc as you don’t to lug around other products. I’m going to do a mini review for each of the products which feature in the kit and link each one to its full size version on the Benefit website.

Benefit How to Look the Best at Everything

Benefit How to Look the Best at Everything

The POREfessional PRO balm (Primer) – This retails at £24.50 in full size (22ml). The mini size featured in this kit is 7.5ml. I imagine you would still get a substantial amount of use out of this size given how little product you need to get full coverage. The website claims its translucent, but when you squeeze it out onto your fingertips or back of the hand to apply, it looks like tinted moisturiser. As it’s a small tube, I found it difficult to gauge the correct amount needed for full coverage. I did like this product and it did minimise the appearance of pores in my face. I would either wear this on its own if my skin was behaving itself, or underneath one of the foundations.

  • Coverage: 4/5
  • Application life: 4/5
  • Ease of application: 3/5

Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW! Ivory “I’m pure 4 sure” (liquid foundation) – The 30ml bottle retails at £26.50. The mini size is 7ml and like the POREfessional it would last long enough to justify the set as you don’t need a great deal to get decent coverage. It matches my pale skin tone nicely and the pump applicator makes it easier to get the right amount each time. I haven’t used this as much as other products in the kit, as I have been using my MAC foundation or the foundation powder in the set. However, this product is lovely with a primer underneath. Without the primer my skin felt dry, even if I moisturised etc beforehand. As I said, the coverage was good and it seemed to last all day.

  • Coverage: 5/5
  • Application life: 4/5
  • Ease of application: 5/5

Boi-ing 01 and 02 (concealer) – By far the best thing in the kit. They are half the size of the individual products. I have used 01 fairly regularly and I’ve barely made a dent in pot. 01 is light and 02 is light/medium. I did try using them together as described in the ‘Tips and Tricks’ but I didn’t feel the need to wear it like that all the time, only if I was starting to look haggled from stress (funnily enough it was used fairly often from the end of March through to the middle of May). I loved this concealer. Benefit describes it as ‘industrial-strength’ and at first I was a bit hesitant with it, as I had several bad experiences with Erase Paste back in high school. This product, however, is amazing. I use an eyeshadow brush to apply it (I try to avoid using my fingers) and it covers/blends beautifully. It’s subtle and does the job. I always recommend this product to my friends as it is worth the price, it will last ages! I will definitely repurchase Boi-ing 01.

  • Coverage: 5/5
  • Application life: 5/5
  • Ease of application: 5/5

“Hello Flawless!”Ivory “I love me” (foundation powder) – This is my second favourite product in the kit. It comes with a short brush which I think I used twice at most. Instead I use my own powder brush, which is slightly narrower and has a longer handle, as I find it easier to get an even coverage with it. As with the liquid foundation, I prefer to use a primer first and then apply the powder, purely because it then lasts all day. I’ve used it just about every day since I bought it and decided to buy the full-sized product (7g, £25.50) to replace the 4g product in the kit which I have nearly finished. The powder blends nicely into my skin and does not develop an orange tinge or make-up line, as some products can. I know part of that is down to application, but still it’s a positive thing to note.

  • Coverage: 5/5
  • Application life: 5/5
  • Ease of application: 5/5

So the overall verdict? It’s an excellent product for people who are either new to make-up or new to Benefit. It’s particularly useful if you travel as it is a handy size to pack (although getting it fit into your make-up bag is practically impossible) and contains the main essentials for daily wear. However, I did not like wearing all the products together. It might simply be that as I have never worn a great deal of make-up, particularly after one disastrous incident in high school of being plastered in make-up by a friend, that I’m super conscious of heavy make-up. That was how I felt when I wore the primer, liquid foundation, combined the concealers and sealed it with the powder. Regardless, I would still highly recommend this product as it has made me realise that I prefer powder foundations with a light primer underneath, or simply just the primer, as my skin fortunately does not need a great deal of covering. As I mentioned the concealer is the best product in the kit, although I only really used it for blemishes rather than under my eyes. It’s given me confidence in applying and wearing complexion make-up and whilst I was initially hesitant at the price, it was definitely worth the money. I know that I could have purchased a primer, concealer and foundation for under £25.50, but given the quality of the products and their application life, I’d say it was money well spent.

  • Practicality: 4/5
  • Value for money: 5/5
  • Overall: 5/5

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