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MAC Face and Body Foundation

**Disclaimer – I’ve purchased these products for myself. All opinions are my own and 100% bluntly honest**

MAC Face and Body Foundation in N1 50ml/£21.50

MAC says: ‘A fluid foundation that provides low-to-medium buildable coverage and a flawless, natural satin-shine finish. Skin conditioning, water-resistant and long-wearing. Now available in two sizes, including the new 50ml.’

I bought this product back in September as a post-birthday treat to myself. I’m a complete newbie to MAC, but the customer service I received in both stores before I purchased this product were exceptional. I was advised to try this product because I prefer as light a product on my skin as possible, but it also has to provide a decent level of coverage. I only use a small amount, although it is a bit difficult getting a consistent amount out the bottle as it’s a nozzle rather than a pump applicator. Regardless, I know that I only need a small amount, as a little goes a long way with this product.

I use my fingertips when applying this product rather than a brush as previous experiences have made me rather cautious of brush streak marks. The product absorbs itself quickly into my skin, but it doesn’t feel heavy or cloying. In fact it feels the complete opposite, I only know I’m wearing it because my skin tone is even! I’ve gone for the palest option because I have ridiculously pale skin, but it is the pink tone rather than olive. I had both shade swatched on my skin and it was the pink tone that suited me best.

I would advise trying this product in store, especially if you have sensitive skin. Since my skin didn’t react and I had a few comments about it, I decided it was worth the money as the bottle looked like it would last a long time. One application in the morning lasts the whole day. I’ve used this a lot more than previous foundations, so much so that I’d say I’m wearing it the majority of the week, every week since I got it in September and I haven’t even used a third of it yet! If that isn’t value for money I don’t know what is. The lady in the store mentioned that it can be used as an all-over foundation, I’m assuming like a lighter version of fake tan to add a bit of colour if your outfit needs it. However, I’ve not felt the need to use it in this manner, so I can’t really comment on that element. It’s definitely one of the better foundations that I’ve tried, but then that’s what I was expecting given the price I paid for it. I would be tempted to repurchase this product when my current bottle eventually runs out.

  • Coverage: 5/5
  • Application life: 5/5
  • Value for money: 5/5
  • Overall: 5/5

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